Today I want to give you a super recommendation if you’re planning to come to Tivat in Montenegro.

The last few days has been amazing at our villa. Sea view, private pool and private beach. Love every single corner or our villa. I will soon show you much more here and on Instagram.

Let me show you some of my favourites details:

Luxury apartments and villas with private beach. Information and reservations:

+382 (0) 63222808 Vladan

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Hi guys!

I’ve been using Eyracure for a couple of weeks and I love the results.

I got their Healthy Hair Set:

Eyracure - Healthy Hair Set UV brush, 4 treatments (2 bags x 4), spray bottle , 2x Finisher, Nourishing Cleanse Shampoo & Balancing Care Conditioner

After spending years in the laboratory, the researchers behind Eyracure found the magic formula: BioLAP-20®.

A unique molecular sequence that restores damaged hair to its healthy, original state in depth.

The molecule is a functionalized biomolecule that is activated under UV light. When the molecules are activated, the hair's broken disulfide bond is recreated. This means that damage caused by bleaching and chemical treatments, mechanical wear, heating tools, hair products is repaired and makes the hair truly feels like new!!!

  • Restores strength, softness, elasticity and shine

  • Treat only every 6 weeks to keep new injuries at bay

  • Free of sulfates, silicon & parabens.

  • Vegan & cruelty free

  • super easy application (see the steps picture)

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with love,


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This might not be the funniest question ever, but a few times in my life I got asked which song I would like to play in my funeral. Hard question, I have so many favourite songs that I truly like. But if I would need to choose just one I think it would be: Acabou Chorare from Novos Baianos, it's one of my absolutely favourite Brazilian Bossa Nova songs.

Talking about Lavendla I would like to share more about this company.

They make the difficult easier, It their mission to realize the parting you desire with years of experience. That is why they have built the entire business around you as a customer. It is your wishes and conditions that form the basis of our work.

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What about you?

Which song would you choose?