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Carlings Rabattkod

Atualizado: 27 de set. de 2021

Just ordered a new set from Carlings and I wanted to share my special code that gives you 15% off on their entire website - use code LUANAS15.

I love all pieces from Carlings, there are so many options to choose from! If you are looking for new jeans or comfy sets, then you're in the right place. I highly recommend it!

Here's the link from the set I'm wearing:

Shorts: https://carlings.com/sv/p/stay-ava-shorts-svart-shorts-dam/7262992_F990?ref=luanasoaresostlingz

Top: https://carlings.com/sv/p/stay-ava-top-svart-overdelar-linnen-dam/7262355_F990?ref=luanasoaresostlingz

Happy shopping,


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