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  • Luana Soares

Mase Clinic Kungsholmen

Hi guys, today I want to recommend you one of the best clinics in Kungsholmen. Last week I had the pleasure to meet Mahi for a Nasolabial treatment at Mase, her clinic.

The place is super well located, close to Rådhuset station and walking distance to City Hall. You will find the clinic at Wargentinsgatan 2. You can contact her via Instagram, click here. Or either booking direct using this link, here.

The good part is I partnered with her, so if you mention my name during the booking you will get 15% discount, so hurry up and book your appointment. She does different treatments as PRP, Toxin, Fillers and Microneedling. Highly recommend it.

Here's a few pictures from her clinic and before and after of my experience. The results are amazing, direct after the procedure (I will update some more pictures next week to show you how it looks like after a couple of weeks). Mahi is the most sweet person ever, she was explaining everything during the entire treatment, also making sure I was comfortable all the time. She is also very well educated and a legit in her professional, go book a treatment with her guys!! <3

Thank you & if you have any question, just drop below and I'll be happy to reply.

Wish you all a great week.

With love,


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