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Stockholm Semla Guide

Atualizado: 21 de jul. de 2021

Read here to find the best semlor (lenten buns) in Stockholm. I just love January and February in Sweden, because it's the snow + semla season. Tell me what's cozier than eat pastries while snow is falling outside? Well, this year we might have some adaptations BUT restaurants and bakeries are still open and you can either sit inside (following social distancing) or take it home (and why not during an outdoor fika?).

Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday) is the Swedish name for the Tuesday after the Quinquagesima and the day between Shrove Monday and Ash Wednesday. Because it is the last day before the Lenten fast, a tradition has developed of eating buns, called "fastlagsbullar", "fettisdagsbullar" (Fat Tuesday Buns) or "semla". Research says that Sweden eats an estimated six million semlor on Fettisdagen each year. So here's is my absolutely favourite places to buy a semla in town:

Top 1 - Lillebrors Bageri

Address: Rörstrandsgatan 12, 113 40 Stockholm

Believe me if I could eat one semla a day I would definitely eat Lillebros semla, it's my top one in the city (and believe half of the population in Stockholm agrees, you will figure it out while standing in line), there is always a line there, don't matter which time of the day. It's worth it, line goes fast as there is no places to sit inside the bakery, so it's just order and go. Please do not miss this one, it's famous for a reason.

2 - Sebastien på Söder

Address: Medborgarplatsen 3, 118 26 Stockholm

Inside Söderhallarna in Medis. A must eat as well, it's really really good! They bake the whole day, make sure to eat there too!

3- Vete-katten

You can find Vete-katten in different parts of the city, but my favourite place is at Kungsgatan 55.

4- Fabrique

Also different parts of the city, I like not only their samla but their buns are also really good.

5- Thelins

Again, you can find Thelins in different parts. My to-go is either the Thelins Grand Kafe in Kungsträdgården or Thelins Fridhemsplan.

Do you have a favourite Semla place in Stockholm?

Comment below and I would love to try it out.

With love,


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